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Michael Polanyi College (MPC) is a four year bachelor of arts program that gives you the opportunity to design your own degree within Universidad Francisco Marroquin ́s worldwide network of professors and mentors.

Life is the best education. MPC fosters creativity and critical thinking in an open and interdisciplinary environment.

Based at Guatemala’s top university, Universidad Francisco Marroquín, the MPC awards an accredited Bachelor of Arts with a focus that you define.

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What will I do when I graduate?

MPC awards a fully accredited Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies degree with a concentration that you define and defend through your Great Work. Instead of earning a generic degree, you will graduate with a body of work, a network of professional contacts, and the discipline and habits that set you apart from other professionals. 

After graduation you may choose to:

-Build your own business enterprise

-Get hired within the network you've built

-Pursue a master's degree or PhD

-Or anything you want… there are no limits!



Explore your interests!

Explore foundational liberal arts courses with expert tutors. You'll learn through the analysis of core texts, dialogues, and experiences --in and outside MPC-- to discover your interests.


Design your courses!

Create your own curriculum and choose your mentors using our unique learning contract methodology. You'll design your own courses, work, travel and pursue your areas of interest independently or in collaboration with other students.


Great Work!

Walk the talk!

Build an original creative accomplishment: your Great Work. You might write a novel, start your first business, design an app, or create an art exhibit. Your Great Work defines your degree concentration and launches your project and career to the real world.



Apply Now!

Are you ambitious, driven, and bold? Do you see yourself as a designer, musician, scientist, entrepreneur, or in another creative career? We’re looking for courageous, independent people who want the chance to build something great of their own. Here are the steps to apply:

Here are the steps to apply:

  1. Register to take the PAA exam at
  2. Send us the following information to
    1. Portfolio: Anything that shows your work and personality.
    2. Essay: Write about a field that you’re interested in, e.g. design, economics, psychology, history. Discuss a major idea from that field that you disagree with and why. (Maximum 500 words.)
    3. A copy of your TOEFL scores: minimum score 75.
      • You must ask for these scores at the ETS website. UFM’s code is 8522. UFM will not accept your scores in any other form, they must come from the ETS website.
  3. Wait for us to contact you to set up an interview.

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