My life at MPC was full of challenges. Since the first day of class in my Bootcamp year I knew that if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, I was not going to make it in this program. In first year my biggest challenge was to speak out during dialogue, work in teams for the MPCafce and structure my ideas to write the essay at the end of each class. In the fellow years it got a lot harder. Reaching out to people to ask them to be my mentor was one of my biggest fears when I entered MPC, but it was something I ended up loving. Each meeting with my mentors was demanding. When you learn one-on-one with a professional, the learning experience is more intense since they have high expectations on you and you from them.

At MPC I learned to speak out, reach out to people, learn to learn, organize my time and my ideas, to read difficult books, to dialogue, create positive relationships with my peers and mentors, ask for help, recognize and accept that sometimes I needed help, accept mistakes, to have a love for learning is not a weakness, build a growth mindset, and believe in myself.

My concentration was in Education and Wellbeing. I am currently working at Formación Continua, a department at the UFM that is devoted to train professors to improve their teaching practices to create a better learning experience for students.