When I entered the MPC, I was a person with a very ordinary, small, and arguably, a closed mind. The study environment provided by the MPC opened my mind to dialogue with people of different opinions and ideas, ranging from simple to complex. This made me question the ideas I had that made it difficult to open my mind and expand my horizons.

When you apply to a university, you do it thinking that you must learn about a specific topic, but you almost never learn how to learn. One of the biggest lessons that the MPC taught me is that nobody is the owner of the truth, but everyone can question it, and that is the most important thing. Questioning opens worlds and makes us realize that every day has a lesson. If we can get that learning to every situation in our life, we will be able to carry out any type of project and work.

My focus is Arts, Entertainment, and Media Management. I am the founder of ENLIT (www.enlit.gt), a platform that allows finding teachers, tutors, courses and workshops of any kind, book and pay directly from a mobile or tablet. And as part of what I like to do, I am the director ad Honorem of the UFM’s performing arts department.

The MPC provided me with a space to develop myself personally and professionally, where making mistakes is part of the learning process and giving up is not an option when you have people who support you and inspire you to move forward.