I changed my life at the MPC. For the first time in my college search, I wasn’t thinking about tests, degrees or jobs, but about the education I wanted to pursue and the person I wanted to become. This convinced me to enroll.

During the first years, my days were filled with exciting challenges and crazy new ideas. I was one of 18 pioneers who embarked on a journey of lifelong learning. Our professors were great authors, films, projects, visiting professors and most importantly our  peers. We worked next to facilitators who guided us towards self-reliance and collaboration, and engaged the great texts through socratic dialogues that taught me how to think better, listen and participate in the Conversation. These initial years were key in forming a supportive network, rekindling my curiosity and desire for learning.

I then engaged in a different modality where our semesters were self-designed. This flexible structure allowed me to work in real film productions and learn from active professionals in the industry. Through my experiences I met the person who then became my boss and mentor, the director of UFM’s new School of Film and Visual Media, where I’ve worked since its foundation as the associate director and head of PR.

I pictured my life quite differently before I joined MPC. I imagined I’d have a regular career and then come back to Guatemala and around the age of 60 I’d be setting up a school to pass on what I had learned. Life is more dynamic though, and this dream that seemed so distant came in an unexpected form right out of college, just as the first of many to come. I keep realizing the value of my MPC education, it allowed me to cultivate myself and opened my mind to the universe. The best part of all is that the doors to achieve my goals and dreams have been opening and I haven’t had to worry about looking for a job because it has been a direct result of my work at MPC. More importantly though, I’ve fostered a community of people that welcome my genuine self and support each other in the pursuit of a fulfilling life.