My journey at the MPC was all about genuine learning, profound questioning, and intense work. My perspective on education completely changed. I learned to own my education. Grades or degrees weren’t an incentive; I was driven by truly understanding different areas of knowledge—from biology to economics to philosophy.

I learned to be self-reliant, participate in a dialogue, collaborate with others, receive and give feedback, and manage projects. Above all, I learned to be a life-long learner.    

My concentration is Expository & Creative Writing. Currently, I am the Coordinator of Donor Services in the Development Office at UFM. I get to write every day. I also continue to work on my MPC Great Work: a short novel on freedom in education. And I also facilitate collaborative events.  

The MPC was a life-changing experience. My journey enabled me to know myself better, which helped me discover my dreams and passions. It also gave me genuine friendships that continue to be important in my life.

The MPC was the building block to live a life of meaning.