My life at the MPC was hard. It was challenging, it was demanding, and it was very intense. However, through this experience I grew both mentally and emotionally, and I believe that I have truly become a better person. I have strong values, strong ideas, and a strong sense of identity. I learned how to listen and how to be aware not only of my environment but also on the people who are around me. I learned how to be empathetic, how to care and be genuine. I learned how to communicate and and be confident in my ideas, I gained my own voice. More importantly I met amazing people with whom I created a culture of learning and sharing. 

I graduated the MPC with a concentration on Film and Visual Media Production and I am currently working as a video editor at a production house. I was able to reach this position thanks to the MPC. Without the opportunities and the networking the MPC exposes to its students I would have never imagined myself being involved in anything related to film. Now I know that I want to keep pursuing this path and seek to become a better version of myself everyday.