My experience at the MPC was a fantastic journey of unexpected events with wonderful results. I consider my experience to be flexible, surprising and enriching. Above all, it was an encounter with myself that handed me the necessary tools to make my dreams happen.

At the MPC I learned to work with myself. What do I want? How? When? It’s easy to imagine things, but difficult to make them happen. MPC gave me the freedom to explore everything that I was passionate about, but above all else, it allowed me to fail. Yes, to fail. It was through failure that I found the best lessons. MPC was a controlled environment in which I could face failure in order to overcome it and achieve things twice as good. I learned not to fear failure. I also learned how to execute. How do you start a project? I learned how to turn my abstract ideas into tangible projects.
My concentration is in Humanities and Writing. My Great Work was a research paper that will be published in the Humanities journal of UFM. My paper was also accepted by the Association of Private Enterprise Education, where I am going to present my paper in an international conference. Besides my academic career, I work as the Coordinator of UFM Madrid in Guatemala, where I practice my knowledge on project management and execution.
MPC taught me how to be the owner of my future. When I had recently graduated from school, I had no idea what I wanted to study. More than feeling lost, I was overwhelmed by the infinite possibilities. My dream was to explore the arts. In MPC I was able to do a Spring Semester at Tisch School of the Arts in NYU. I was also able to produce a short film graduation thesis for a senior student at the Film School in UFM. In MPC I had the opportunity to explore everything that brought me joy in order to define well what I wanted. Because of this program, I was able to do more than I ever thought of myself capable.