My life at the MPC was what I always dreamed of. I already had a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life and the MPC facilitated that process. A key element of support was having flexible schedules and a network of support.

The friendships I developed in the MPC now define me as a person. I met people that were determined, self-sufficient and extremely creative, all of whom pushed me to want the same thing. The fact that I could organize my own schedule allowed me to work at my rhythm and start new projects without concern.

The first thing I learned at the MPC was that in order to educate yourself in a complete manner it requires a lot of effort. Yet, the returns are invaluable. Sometimes we think that things can only be done one way, but in the MPC you learn that if we are flexible during the process we can find alternative ways.

I learned how to learn in ways that work best for me. I also learned how invaluable it is to have a community with a culture of assertiveness. To give an receive feedback is one of the best skills that I acquired at the MPC. Honesty, above all else. If you commit an error, accept it and move on.

My concentration is Acting and Entrepreneurship in Scenic Arts. I am currently creating my own production company and building my career as an actress. I have produced different works such as, Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Arabian Nights and The Merchant of Venice. My debut in film will be with the movie “El Túnel, el Ojo y el Muro” (April 2019).

I will continue my acting career in the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland through a Master’s degree in Contemporary Texts and Classics