Life at the MPC was eye-opening and surprising. As a student, I never expected to participate as actively as I did in my education, but from day one, I was asked questions and encouraged to challenge myself. I realized that at the MPC I was quickly becoming a self-aware human with a great passion for learning.
My peers and mentors treated me as a responsible adult, and as a result I began to think about the person I wanted to be and how I wanted to live my life. I realized I had the power to make assertive decisions. I just needed some practice. The program allows students to be introspective and have patience with their learning process. At the MPC you will learn how to learn, how to read a book that will change your life, to cultivate curiosity, to engage in meaningful conversations and to question the world around you in order to form your own opinion.
I specialized in Visual Storytelling and am now working at UFM’s School of Film and Visual Media. The MPC was the perfect platform to begin pursuing my dreams. Mainly because I discovered what I wanted to do, and also because I developed the confidence necessary to pursue them. Networking, negotiation skills, teamwork, and critical thinking were some of the tools I believe helped me get to where I am. The program focuses on the personal development of students and mentors while gaining expertise in various crafts. There is simply no place like it.